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Over 200 clients have made Jane their "In-house Out-house" trainer!
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Jane's work is:


 - you get what you and your organization want and need.


 - participants are energized.


 - Ideas and techniques to use immediately.

Big Picture Perspective

 - See the forest from above the trees.

Good value

 - All training materials are included.

Flexibly Scheduled

 - weekends, evenings, whenever, anywhere to meets your needs.

As we learn best by doing, group and individual "homework" between sessions allows time for skills to be internalized. Most importantly, the process enables participants to get to know each other better.

Jane is a workshop leader, consultant and coach to a wide variety of organizations in North America, the UK and SE Asia. Prior to 1987, she spent 20 years as a human resource specialist and a manager in the public and private sectors.

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