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Way to go Jen, Mel and Susie

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Voice Over

Jane is making her voice available for your "Voice over" needs. Listen to Jane reading some of her own materials at Writings (and Reading). Contact Jane for more information.

Crane Library

Jane has returned to read at the Crane Library. Volunteers narrate and digitally record course reading materials and textbooks for faculty, staff, and students with visual, print, or learning disabilities. Or check out how you can help !

Jane's goes Blogging!

Join the conversation at http://womensconversations.blogspot.com. Current topics:

Small Group and One to One Coaching

Need some personal attention? Jane has been working one on one with people for years and would love to "light your way and walk beside you on the journey".

Jane also works with small groups in the same personal way to help them build their interrelationships

For more information on these programs and how they can be customized for your group, please contact Jane.

Jane's Toolkit

You've seen the Gorilla, heard about the Personal Style Indicator ~ now find out more about all the exciting tools Jane can customize for you.


Jane's selections

Allaigna’s Song: Overture

by JM Landels (Author, Illustrator), Mel Anastasiou (Illustrator)


A love story, a family saga, and a coming-of-age novel that braids together the stories of daughter, mother, and grandmother.

The Death of Expertise:

 The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters

 by Tom Nichols


The increasingly democratic dissemination of information, rather than producing an educated public, has instead created an army of ill-informed and angry citizens who denounce intellectual achievement.

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