A Business Model Simulation can accomplish this very effectively, in less than half a day!

Leadout® is an exciting process-oriented leadership simulation that uses a land acquisition scenario to present most every challenge found in management - you know - team-building, transfer of key people, conflict, financial restraint, decision-making, planning, communicating and motivation.

Just as in real life, each participant receives part of the information needed to make sound decisions. They can share it, hoard it or give part of it away. Every move the individual makes affects the group and the final outcome. The challenge is for the team to make quality decisions while confronting every day organizational problems.

Jane has successfully used Leadout® with clients including:

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Time to complete:
3 hours including debriefing.

Group size: Works the very best with 6 tables of 8 people, but can be played by up to six groups of ten or fewer members.

What to expect: LOTS OF LEARNING. Discover group dynamics, inquiry, competition, creative thinking as well as enthusiastic involvement. Individual participation can vary, but as in management, each player affects the outcome.