Six Thinking Hats

By learning the tools of Six Thinking Hats we can improve our thinking about thinking, reduce meeting time, increase our creativity, improve quality and enhance our understanding of the value of each person we work alongside.

Dr. Edward de Bono, the father of Lateral Thinking, is well-known for his pioneering work in creativity. His clients include Prudential Insurance, DuPont, Polaroid, British Airways and other leading organizations throughout the world. Dr. de Bono has written over 40 books, including Six Thinking Hats.

Dr. Edward de Bono has personally trained and certified Jane to deliver his Six Thinking Hats program. As part of the workshop, you will receive a package of materials specifically designed and produced by Dr. de Bono. The materials can be provided in a number of formats to suit your needs.

Contact Jane to see how you can enhance thinking skills and get your team meetings on track.

Giving new thinking energy to:


The Six Thinking Hats can be delivered in several ways, and rather like a game of golf, each incremental hour increases the participant's ability to play. It works best with intact teams and can include Current options are:.